The 2016 Portobello Pavilion tied in with UK Refugee Week, celebrating the benefits of cultural exchange and explores the theme of "places where people live". The structure was conceived by conflict artist Arabella Dorman as a tribute to the Coptic Church which had been built on the Calais migrant camp. It was built by a diverse group of young British fine artists and members of the local community. 
Over 3,000 people took part in drop-in arts activities which explored the origins, and the vibrant history and future of the many cultures which make up Powis Square. In addition to the structure itself and its associated activities  a range of special events were organised.  
Later in 2016 the French CRS Police burned the Calais Coptic Church to the ground. The wood from our Pavilion was re-used in Dmitri Galitzine's installation in North Woolwich - "A ship (to sail away)" on the site of the Harland & Woolf shipyard.
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