A Founder member of the London cartoon workshop (1983) Junior Tomlin learnt sequential art, he has worked for various companies such as John Brown Jr. Publishing, Titan and Panini - famous for producing football stickers and licensed to produce Marvel comics in the UK. He worked as a digital colorist for them with credits including Action Man, Transformers Armada, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Judge Dredd and numerous pocket book covers and collectors cards. His work on film include “Nightbreed” a Clive Barker horror film, Lost in space where he was employed as a texture map artist and Ultra Guardians where he worked as a character designer and concept artist. He has also worked for Cartoon Network, 2000AD, Audio Rom, Saddlers Wells Theater, IBT and many others.

By 1989 Junior got into illustrating record covers when while working at the London cartoon Center in Ladbroke Grove, there he met the manager of the London band Renegade Soundwave, the manager was looking for a airbrush artist to do artwork for the band you can say He was in the right place at the right time, that was his first record cover, the track was called The Phantom. In the beginning of the 90’s Junior’s style had progressed and he moved into creating rave flyers. His airbrush technique combined with his futuristic style of delivery earned him the name the Salvador Dali of Rave‚ in the late 90’s when the rave scene was exploding all over Britain. He amassed a considerate following among the Rave community in London, Tokyo and Australia where his early flyers are still in high demand and considered as collector’s items

Some of the most memorable and iconic images associated with dance and rave music were created by him - inspiring a generation to create art and make music. His numerous artworks Include covers for leading dance labels, editorial illustrations, rave flyers and posters

In the community junior has worked on two of the many Portobello wall projects (Portobello Recollection) and the next installment (the art wall ) put on by a local art gallery where he laid out the entire design. He has worked with local bands in the area providing his artistic eye on creating record covers for them . He taught Djembe at the emb rooms at the base of Grenfell tower and at a local junior school, and have participated in many community based projects. on the music side he was in two local bands Ancient Lyrics and Fire Fire Fire.

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