Isis stands as an Afrakan (Afrikan) Queen Mother Warrior first and foremost. She hails from Trinidad, in the Caribbean and is based in West London most of the time.
Isis describes herself as an Eclectic Afrikan Centric Poet and is a seasoned activist; she performs under the name I Sis. She is passionate about WORDplay, the elasticity of language, playing with words; language is the prize of the victor, the tool of the oppressor. “Your voice [I Sis] is expressive and your ideas are well thought out, and have impact”. She draws inspiration from her activism and engagement with Pan Afrikan politics and campaigning against structural injustice over the last 30 years.
Isis is an unapologetic Pan Afrikanist and has fought for racial and social justice for decades. She is engaged in the movement for Reparatory Justice for the enslavement of Afrikans and the colonisation of the Afrikan continent. Her poetry encapsulates her commitment to anti-colonialist -racist - imperialist struggle, explores reparations (for enslaved Afrikans), identity, culture and language, alongside her personal experiences as a migrant Afrikan Caribbean woman in the world. ‘I use my poetry as advocacy’. She is completing a MA in Black British Writing.
Isis has resided in the North Kensington area for 27 years and worked in her local Community & Voluntary Sector (CVS) for 30 years, in both paid and voluntary roles, providing advocacy, counselling, health services for minoritised and racialised communities, mental health services, police monitoring, race equality and human rights training, substance misuse services. She has been active in local democracy for many years and served on many boards and networks. During the 80s and 90s she worked as a para - legal providing social welfare legal support. She studied law at UCL and served for 8 years on the board of the North Kensington Law Centre and chaired it for 2 years.
Isis has over 25 years’ strategic and operational level leadership experience and works on a freelance basis as trainer, arts and culture production manager, public speaker and presenter.  She is the chair of the Edge Fund and on the boards of Olmec and the Octavia Foundation. Isis is the Information Officer with the Global Afrikan Congress uk, a member of the European Network for People of African Descent, and a member of the Caribbean Pan African Network.
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