Ilaria Di Fiore is an eco artist. Originally from Naples, Italy, she moved to London in 1998 to sell her creations in Portobello market. By living and working in the area, Ilaria started to get to know local artists and soon enough she started facilitating art workshops with different groups of people.

Ilaria’s work is inspired by nature and dreams and the mysterious beauty behind everyday objects and discarded and forgotten things. The techniques used are mixed and varie from paint, collage, mosaic, fabric work and tapestries. Fashion and art intertwine in a work that craves freedom more than anything else, so even the fashion creations, explore and expand in the art world much more than the fashion one. The initial inspiration always comes from some recycled materials and their history waiting to be told and then mixed with a new one.
The work ilaria facilitated in the last few years has been exhibited and presented at various museums. The ‘Tree of life’, a mixed media work by a disability group from Lancaster youth centre won the first price in a Saatchi Gallery wide competition which included work from major private schools. It was subsequently exhibited in the Gallery for two months and the participant were all given a price and a certificate. The school art project, ‘Know your roots’ was presented at the Museum of London and it’s now part of an online exhibition. Other work includes YOS work with Progress for London mosaic projects for public art made with adults with learning disabilities. Currently she is working at a community art project inspired by the Grenfell Tower.

Ilaria is also a yoga teacher, passionate about sharing her passion in community places. Some sessions bring together yoga and art in a new way, to help participant finding their own inspiration.
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