Helen specialises in art installation and performance outside of traditional venues, provoking new relationships between space, people and culture. From beaches beneath motorways to queer clubs recreated from police archives, she enjoys any project which challenges established reality. Her role in projects often spans concept development, research, audience participation/experience design, dramaturgy, systems design, set, light and graphic design. She recently completed a Masters degree in artistic research specialising in digital interaction.
In 2013, Helen and Harry presented "The Ballad Of Skinny Lattes And Vintage Clothing", a site-responsive look at gentrification in North Kensington in collaboration with the Neo-Futurist Collective. The following year they were invited to co-direct Kensington and Chelsea's InTRANSIT festival, commissioning art in unexpected places. In 2015, curator and local resident Tim Burke came to InTRANSIT with the Pavilion idea, which Helen and Harry supported and continue to take an active role in today.
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